Jean-Louis Deniot


Featured on lists of the world’s preeminent talents in architecture and interior design, Jean-Louis Deniot has long been in the business of creating atmospheres.

His décors are his playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur.

Recognized for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, letting his academic training translate into a vocabulary that is both informal and bold.

Minimalism is not for Jean-Louis Deniot, nor is excess. Balance and osmosis is what he creates, offsetting the sometimes rigid facet of architecture with an inmost vision of refinement, comfort and openness making his creations around the world havens to revel in.

For him, style equates lifestyle – it must promote harmony and wellbeing. A great enthusiast of iconic designs, his decors feature no shortage of arresting materials and textures tempered with subtle color palettes, muted tones and impeccable lighting. At the crossroads between classical terminology and contemporary aesthetics, Jean-Louis Deniot’s interiors are serene, elegant and dramatic as awash with nods to other time periods, yet never typical or literal.

Jean-Louis Deniot is regularly featured in international publications making him one of the most published designers of today.

With an ambitious list of locales that resembles the index of an atlas, a few current Jean-Louis Deniot projects include private homes in Beverly Hills, townhouses on New York’s Upper East Side, the Waldorf Astoria New York residencies and amenities, a 57 story residential tower on Biscayne Bay in Miami, a residential tower including extended amenities in Palm Beach, private historical townhouses on Belgravia Square and Wilton Crescent, Cambridge House (In & Out Club) Hotel, restaurants and private club, houses on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar in Tarifa and Tangiers, a spacious country home in Moscow, private homes in New Delhi and Chandigarh India, family residences on Hong Kong Bay and in Bangkok.

Jean-Louis Deniot has also earned recognition for the furniture and lighting collections, with Baker Furniture, and Jean de Merry, George Smith, Collection Pierre, Pouenat and Marc de Berny.

Adventurous by nature, Jean-Louis Deniot undertakes each project with the vigor and inquisitive nature particular to true visionaries, conceiving and defining novel design aesthetics with nuance and confidence.

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  • We are committed to providing customer service that is exceptionally attentive, and through comprehensive client analysis, we are able to respond to their very specific needs.
  • The initial structure design holds the most importance in our projects as it is the key to architecture and comfort, including elements such as: circulation planning, axis, symmetry, equilibrium of the spaces, natural light, etc. The plans are generally based on a neoclassical design, which is adjusted as necessary when adapted to different styles.
  • The approach used when defining furnishings, material selections, woodwork designs, etc. is very architectural, with an emphasis on embellished shapes and proportions.
  • A unifying architectural concept influences all elements of design, including house furnishings, selection of materials, wood craftsmanship, and all handmade objects. There is a visual emphasis on embellishment and proportions of shapes and creations.
  • In renovation natural materials enhance or balance existing elements like styles of architecture, types of construction, materials, and clients circumstances.
  • We use the reproductions of antique materials: parquet wood flooring, plaster, and wooden wall décor, crown molding, and other traditional arts.
  • Our projects are customized to be as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, with a special emphasis on technological improvements (custom audio, video and home electronics installations, House Automation systems).



  • Creating Design Studies - plans, drawings, descriptions, tender file, etc. that serves as a guideline permitting the construction and/or renovation work to be accomplished, to optimize space and function, bring added value to structure, and to tailor and refurbish interiors..
  • Project Management - coordination of the different participants, along with administrative and financial management.
  • Designing the Decor. Design concept including : selections of materials, compiling of fabric groups (curtains, shades, wall fabric, furniture upholstery, decorative pillows, etc.), furniture selection (custom designed, vintage, or new editions), lighting (lamps, chandeliers, sconces, etc.) area rugs, buying and selling of decorative objects, and finally, projects installed and put into working service. Our antique gallery completes the decoration selection with furniture and accessories dating from the 17th century up to modern times.
  • Designing of furnishings - plans, corresponding drawings and prototypes for all types of custom-designed furniture and accessories in order to have them manufactured.
  • Our projects consist of private residences (apartments, homes, main residences, Pied-à-terre residences, etc.), as well as professional spaces (hotels, bars, restaurants, offices, boutiques, reception halls), in France and abroad, for an international clientele.


  • For almost 20 years, our team has comprised of a diversity of talents from a variety of cultures, bringing together architects, interior architects, decorators, designers, 3D designers, illustrators as well as an accomplished sales management team.
  • For each project, a dedicated team is formed according to the required expertise and style each team member possesses.

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